Sunday, October 24, 2010


My good friend Giles was riding across London at 6.30am the other morning on his motorcycle to work. He saw a guy walking down the centre of the road towards him way up ahead... Next thing he knew the guy had walked straight into him and my friend had a broken foot. The fucking moron (the other guy not Giles) had been up all night chewing Khat. I don't know except its sort of Somali speed bush.
Yesterday as I was waiting at the bus stop (with my fucked leg!) a fella walk past picking the leaves off this branch(top pic) and stuffing them in his mouth then he chucks the branch on the ground... I picked it up (not cos of my 'keep Britain tidy' childhood).
I think my point is 'what the fuck?
The chilli is a welcome import to the UK as traditionally our food has been so shit that condiments have become a staple accessory to any meal, however our food has got much better since the 70's whilst in France it has got shittier, mind you one Normandese , Olivier,aka Le Big Mac, has 3 seats and only one perfect knucklehead - boo fucking hoo.

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