Friday, October 15, 2010


In the late 60's there was a huge interest in naive art [Beryl Cook etc]. John Byrne was an 18year old in Scotland. He drew these pictures of these miserable looking funksters and sent them down to the Portals Gallery in London saying they were drawn by his 80yr old dad, Patrick Byrne. The gallery went nuts... an 80yr old man in scotland doing these pictures, so they signed him up and arranged an exhibition to showcase their new discovery. John Burns fessed up and went on to marry Tilda Swinton and is a poet [who also co-wrote Cracker with Robbie Coltrane]. Love that sort of stuff I do and I quite like the pictures. I am thinking of selling them ... 68 genny shovel and they're yours.

anyway back to the point

Got mine - havent read it but I like the BIG stamp

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