Saturday, October 2, 2010

God Bless The Chopper Club.

We look to Southern California for inspiration. Always have, always
will. But in the 80's and 90's Backpatch clubs rewrote the book.
Borne out of necessity and due to a lot of big Japanese bikes getting
broken down, for whatever reason.
A new style of custom developed.
GSX's and FJ's were crammed into hardtail frames. Stock fork, tyres
and wheels were recycled and as much of the original wheelbase and
ride geometry were replicated. Usually with a tiny fairing and a belly-
BSH named them Streetfighters, way before any bike with a set of
Renthals, an extended swing-arm and a load of stickers kidnapped the
We can't forget the importance of these bikes and we should be proud
of them.


  1. Didn't like 'em then, don't like 'em now.

  2. BSH named them streetfighters and then invented a magazine of the same name to cater for them but after one issue there werent enough to feature so they included bikes we had been calling "specials" for the previous decade. Now they feature all types of performance custom bikes up to stretched, fat tyred Hayabusas and German creations covered in spiked nuts all supposedly in the same category, but as it was their word i guess they can apply it to whatever bike they like.
    Every custom bike seemingly has to be in one category or other which always upsets someone. The short low bikes are apparently bobbers now.........