Monday, October 4, 2010


1 when did the UK join the European Union?
(when did Harley start using disc brake?)
A 1935
B 1959
C 1973
D 1982

2 It is not possible to choose between electricity and gas suppliers.
(It is not possible to choose between electric and point ignition system.)
A True
B False

3 More young people are smoking, in particular, more girls smoke than boys
(worn valve guide cause smoking, in particular, more intake than exhaust.)
A True
B False

4 In which year did the NHS begin?
(in which year did Pan head begin?)
A 1911
B 1939
C 1948
D 1999

5 How many years must have passed before an individual's census
form is viewable by the public?
(how many years anniversary did Harley davidson make anniversary
model in 2003?)
A 10 years
B 50 years
C 100 years
D 125 years

6 Non-departmental public bodies are under the political control
of the government.
(crank position sensor is under the module control of indicator.)
A True
B False

7 What proportion of women with children of school age are in paid work?
(what wrench size is common to use on half inch bolt and nut?)
A half
B quarter
C three quarters
D nine sixteens

8 What percentage of the UK's ethnic minorities live in the London area?
(what number do people call about WL 750cc side valve engine model?)
A 14
B 30
C 45
D 60

9 When was the council of Europe established?
(when was the first year of glide fork on Harley?)
A 1901
B 1949
C 1964
D 1982

10 In what year did the prime minster gain powers to
nominate members of the house of lords?
(in what year did Harley fit rear swing arm and suspension
on big twin model?)
A 1957
B 1958
C 1959
D 1960

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