Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



I've done that twice now ....1st time in 2003, 2nd time weekend before last.

Why blogging stinks.

For the last twenty years or so on the last weekend of August I have been on the corner of Talbot and Ledbury roads. Getting sent into a trance by the heavy sounds of The Mighty Jah Observer. This was the last year as Spider, the owner and selecter, is going back to Yard to look after his parents.
I was a little toasted and I got it into my head to record me picking little bits of wood from the speaker box and threw into Pablos hair. Pablo is Rasta and had put his dreads up into a bun, As above, His hair is long so the dread-bun is about the size of a go-kart tyre.
After about Three hours Pablo was wearing Jah Observer and I had been chronicling my stupidness on my phone. So as to make you lot laugh.
And it was funny.
But I realise that all that time I was missing what was going on.
So I deleted the photos.
Don't let the blogging run you.
Safe trip Spider.
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Monday, August 29, 2011


Where is Jennifer Snyder.

I remember this girl flat tracker. I got her hotmail and stalked her a bit then she disappeared.
I want a blast tracker so fuckng bad...
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Jah Cliff.

Sir Cliff is rhyming slang for spliff.
There is a truce at carnival, and gangs from all over town gather. But when the sounds get turned off. It could go off.
Imagine all the Crips and the Bloods from all over southern California; Compton, Long Beach, Venice. Gathering in Hollywood and there being no trouble.
That's what its like.
I just like being able to sit on a wall in the middle of London, smoking a Sir Cliff, eat some Jerk Chicken and listen to HI-POWER reggae music til it dun.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The sound-system as a musical instrument... Discuss.

Yes, that says Brixton.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

False alarm.

The Tombstone is alive and well.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Bennys shitty old ironhead for sale on ebay - quite frankly you dont want this thing, its old, its dirty, it hasnt got the right period correcto bits, mismatched headlights [duh], its passé as they say. Let the auction run its course and have it slink back to Birmingham with its greasy shrivelled tail between its legs.

So I can buy it when I have some doolah.

Fuck, have a look, you will agree with me...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011




The look of hunger on the Somalis faces cos they haven't eaten all day was one thing, the smiles on the faces of the dreadlocks wad better cos they are just a bit peckish.
I'd be cooking meat in that pot.







Monday, August 22, 2011

On the other hand.

Barbarians MC cut on The Thing.
Rare example of a remake being better than the original.

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Its alright its ok.

How the fuck do programs like this get made.
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Stolen from Chucho.

Jeff has put up shots of this one before.
Is my ichiban-number 1 bike of all time.
There was that time between bobbers and choppers where bikes were just perfect every single photo of that time gets me going.
Mexican Porky, Hirsch, Sonny Bargers Yellow Knuck.
They just got on with it.

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Stolen from Matt "lucky bastard" Olsen.

You know those people who make love to cars.
Some weirdo frotting on an Austin Allegro in Spalding Lincolnshire.
Well I would fuck the Shit out of this knucklehead.
Maybe even choke the bitch.
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Stolen from ChopperDave.

Does anyone know about the bike on the right?

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optimistic in Abergavenny

Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones waited until it was raining to make their arrival

Smiley and Bean ...


Bennys ironhead rainbow

Tosh gave Stevie his cutdown tanks.... and got the best tank trophy in return

only real men brush their teeth with a lollipop

or sleep on regardless ....Andy P wwnww

dunno whose but sweet

Indian Tim just back from Europe

Ed couldn't believe his luck, swam in the river barking at fish till 3am then got to sleep in a tent

Keith - my saviour and winner of Most Stealable Bike

Stuka came through for NI with a supply of Widow venom, Red brought the Ticknum Tipple - my vitamin C levels are right up there, thanks fellas and great to meet you Stuka - see you on your side soon.
Thanks to Lee and Stevie for a great great weekend and a terrible hangover. I will cherish my Best Bike trophy above all others.. XXX