Monday, August 22, 2011


optimistic in Abergavenny

Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones waited until it was raining to make their arrival

Smiley and Bean ...


Bennys ironhead rainbow

Tosh gave Stevie his cutdown tanks.... and got the best tank trophy in return

only real men brush their teeth with a lollipop

or sleep on regardless ....Andy P wwnww

dunno whose but sweet

Indian Tim just back from Europe

Ed couldn't believe his luck, swam in the river barking at fish till 3am then got to sleep in a tent

Keith - my saviour and winner of Most Stealable Bike

Stuka came through for NI with a supply of Widow venom, Red brought the Ticknum Tipple - my vitamin C levels are right up there, thanks fellas and great to meet you Stuka - see you on your side soon.
Thanks to Lee and Stevie for a great great weekend and a terrible hangover. I will cherish my Best Bike trophy above all others.. XXX


  1. Good to meet you guys at year on the emerald isle..???

  2. After linkert you & the jolly green giants in Waterford are the next stop.