Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why blogging stinks.

For the last twenty years or so on the last weekend of August I have been on the corner of Talbot and Ledbury roads. Getting sent into a trance by the heavy sounds of The Mighty Jah Observer. This was the last year as Spider, the owner and selecter, is going back to Yard to look after his parents.
I was a little toasted and I got it into my head to record me picking little bits of wood from the speaker box and threw into Pablos hair. Pablo is Rasta and had put his dreads up into a bun, As above, His hair is long so the dread-bun is about the size of a go-kart tyre.
After about Three hours Pablo was wearing Jah Observer and I had been chronicling my stupidness on my phone. So as to make you lot laugh.
And it was funny.
But I realise that all that time I was missing what was going on.
So I deleted the photos.
Don't let the blogging run you.
Safe trip Spider.
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