Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I remember my friend painting a copy of this skin getting arrested life size for his art exam in 1982. He went on to become a very good tattooist [Mark Lee]. This is the first time I have seen it since. Pretty much says what it needs to.

Where we were at school the local skins always sent the little skin round the corner first to try to goad us into a fight, I was never so foolish but I did have one friend who used to throw supermarket trolleys at them, he went to serve in Northern Ireland in the Intelligence corps.


  1. That's a Nick Knight photo... his book SKINHEAD should adorn everyone's bookshelf.

    Mark Lee mentioned again... can't tell you how freaked I was when you told me that you were friends. Weird how all out pasts somehow intermingle somewhere, somehow.

  2. Love the second pics, It's a long ime I know it.
    And thanks for the Linkert Attacks invitational;)