Tuesday, September 4, 2012


At last years Linkert Attacks UK there was a contraption on the bar made by our very own MacGyver that smoked and rattled and leaked cider from every orifice [except one which produced some other byproduct].....anyway that got reduced to a lump of metal and a few gauges and passed into legend.
 Things have moved on a bit since then. Our man in the West has been worrying about what the fuck to do with all this milk that the supermarkets wont pay proper money for, I mean Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are good and all that but there is only so much breakfast cereal a man can take.

To his credit he has come up golden.......

Take a herd of cows and milk the milk out of them
 Give to a man with years of experience of abuse and some medical shoes
 and give the Black Widows some Black Cow Vodka......
We will be hocking limited quantities of this most refined and exclusive delight in the Widow Lounge at the Trip Out this weekend ..... and I mean limited quantities.

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