Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Of all this kooky shit, let's get back to motorsickles.
Excuse me for being self congratulory but my girls arse is just so sweet.
Freaky Rico took the best pic of this bike in its first incarnation back at the first boogie farmers party ... and it was an arse shot.
In a couple of weekends time Rico you got to do another with its hemorrhoid on the side.
This winter I'm going to drop the car a good bit ... I like it sitting up high but only cos it's so ridiculous.
The car came from the South African military (via Ed the dog), hence set on the left, and was intended to carry a machine gun... so either I strap a browning to it which frankly will suck balls round England or I load it with bricks or I move to Texas or make some different cradles for the body with a longer drop.


  1. I hate being proven wrong more than anything but your hack changed my mind about three wheels. It fucking rules. Whatever height it's at.

  2. I must agree.
    Three wheels are the shite. I stuffed the ol' angry pregtardo in the Sidecar with her comforter and a good book, and drove her across Denmark for the weekend.
    She was serving me sushi from her bare vulva while driving, and she could actually steer the bike from the sidecar, when I got too pissfaced to aim for the road.
    But I think that sidecars are better for friends than for ol' ladies.