Saturday, September 1, 2012


Next weekend is the biggest party this year in the UK.
Get Youself down there on 2 wheels and sample some of the delights in Widow Village.... None of that usual crap served up at shows ( though I am sure that will be available for the 4 wheelers).... Oh no, we will be offering Prospect ED's sweeeet snacks (as long as he remains coherent) washed down with lashings of Ticknums finest and introducing Black Cow Vodka.... It's so good it we renamed it Black Cow Vodka Black Cow Vodka.... Distilled by our new widow prospect in a secret location the West (of course). What does he make his Vodka from? PURE MILK... All cows milked to the sweet sounds of Velvet Underground....
You can enjoys all this sweetness surrounded by the aural pleasures mixed up by such DJ luminaries as Greasy, Milo and Big T.