Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great meals of 2010.

First was a bowl of Tom Tom Tit in Oaktown with Charlie " 6 foot 8 "
Tate. Check the consistency.
Next a plate of Chili Verde and eggs at Nardos in Guadelupe. Fern had
the Menudo. Real deal Mumsy food.
Number 3. Hawkins House in Watts. The best Dirty Burger. This was a
kids burger. Their trademark burger is a foot tall. But shiny period
correct bun, a perfectly cooked patty and the correct blend of dry yet
moist. Takes Hawkins house to another level. Also scored a rock of
crack in the car park. Which I smoked in Hollywood.
Next is a fresh boiled crab that JD and me had in some beach town
north of Santa Barbara. I got some Chilli and rigged up a surf and
turf sangwich, with garlic fries and cold beer.
Oh yes.
Get well soon JD.
Last, some Jerk Chicken, Buju Banton Bread and kill you dead home made
Scotch Bonnet sauce. That I had at Carnival.
I believe Johnny Osbourne " no ice cream sound " was playing and I
washed it all down with a Special Brew.
Yard Style.

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