Monday, January 3, 2011

as the sparks fly upward


  1. Fuck !! where, when, how much, can i, ????

  2. Holy Fuck a duck !! that mag cap is the dogs bollocks, tell me o great one what do i need to do to get one !! Pretty Please "" on my fucking knees please "" who luvs ya baby Please !!

  3. this one is my latest engraving on alloy mag cap,
    took me a long time but I'm happy with it,
    it looks like spark come out from eyes, and this is for sidevalve 45 so I done hidden numbers.
    if you are interesting something like this please get in touch. Thank you. Tosh

  4. The cover is made by Dennis Goodson and sold through Irish Rich at Shamrock Fabrication.

    The rest is down to Toshy.

  5. I dont need a mag top but fuck I want that one!!