Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wh'appen Beefy

I met Matthias of LeBeef Kustom Metal Works at The Castle Run [where I had left my phone on the plane so no pics], loved his bike and others there that he had either done all or part of [he is too modest to say].... anyway I asked him to make me a shifter for my knuckle and when I got home yesterday I opened a package from him before I took my helmet off [ you do dont you if you know whats inside is good shit].
Since I have no camera [as I left my phone on the boat you will have to take my word for it that he and his work rock, check his SITE out, remember that bill you had promised to pay this month, fuck it, go shopping in Sweden.

He made my shifter when he said he would, chromed that fucker in turn around time and sent it even faster. He also is an owner of a super rare blue and yellow w-w-n-w-w patch...

here is a little pic of one of his builds, tomorrow I will give you a little movie from MacGyver showing how we do things differently!


  1. Nice to see your keeping carphone warehouse afloat in these uncertain times ;)

  2. LeBeef is an artist in metal... no other description is adequate.