Friday, July 6, 2012

Spitzenklasse AMcN

American Motorcycles Norway, a proper riders blog, has a great set of reports on his trip to Linkert Attacks, in one was possibly my favourite comment ever:

'Actor Haggis (the not so shy guy) and his semi Spanish friend riding Haggis hill climb knuckle, we love you both for the Friday trip to Sancerre where we had our spitzenklasse lunch together.'

Thank you AMcN for bringing the sun out on this dull day.


  1. Hahahahaha... Haggis and his semi-Spanish friend. Mothers not gonna be happy with that.

  2. The ride with them two guys was indeed unforgettable. We were so well taken care of by them as they found we were newbies to both the event as well as the town of Sancerre that I do owe them a lot for their care.

    Do they blog?

    Damned I wished Norway was less far away from most and everything else than e-bay!

    Will miss the Linkert spirit, still it did inspire me a lot to keep on beeing a moron riding a obsolete bike with road directions noted on a piece of paper stuck to the fuel tank by tape, when most ride a BMW GS 1200 running a GPS.

    Good to meet ya all, bedtime.