Monday, July 16, 2012

96 hours of the Knucklehead Frogland Tour

I am sitting down in a chair with my liver in a bag on the floor beside me. 96 hours of the Knucklehead Frogland Tour makes the Le Mans 24hrs like having another cheeseburger.

Also feeling it today will be Fred 'de Bourges' Herrero, inspirator of Linkert Attacks and Frogland Tours on his 47 EL garbage ex Belgian police bike only 1 owner after the boys in Belgian blue, still stock bore and rings and this bike shifts even with all the collectable shit on it.

Next up is Olivier 'YMCA' Blainville, Consigliere of the Frenchies and owner of a skyblue 47 EL..this time coming in at the 99.99999%er end of the original bike fantasy world ...I asked him if his barrels were stock bore... he didnt know as he has never opened the motor as there is no need. This bike ticks over like a Patek Phillippe and will one day be mine despite what all those other sad bastards out there might think.

The lanky fucker from Orleans, Loren 'Stress' Keyser, doesnt talk about the big club in his home town but trucks along on his 47 [they are so common] not sure what size but he, like me, happily rides his mongrel bitch.

'Where the fuck is' Francois, previously of the Peking Pan, now of the Best of Show Linkert Attacks 2012 Trock barrelled 47 was showing an unbeatable relaxed attitude to the fact that he was the guy who was running out of gas/ getting lost/ having xxx problems with this or that. I thank him as otherwise I might have been that guy.

Curve ball arrival was 'I am not Swiss' Christophe from nearly Switzerland but not quite [oh how the frenchies found this amusing]...... arriving with a 1946 [pure class] FL this is 'Monkey Business' one of Arlens first dragger bikes - he has owned this since 1994 and has not changed it [save taking the apes of but he isn't very tall so I will give him a pass for that].... a fantastic machine to see mooching around the Volcans of Auvergne...definitely gets my 'no need for period correct' prize. And he loved the Stilton I brought so he gets another prize.

Pistache, my 46FL in cross dressing mode, trucked on perfectly - lost a few bolts and my primary chain is slapping around like a loose primary chain... the notable upgrade is that I decided to run some no 3 plugs that I have been itching to ruin for ages - if you got them and you are hanging with such high snobs as de Bourges & YMCA then you got to.

We had a gatecrasher, Chris, come in from Roanne riding his 1981 shovel.... but since he probably has more knucklehead accessories on his bike than I have knucklehead parts on mine and his buco bags were carrying some good party stuff he got a pass for the Saturday night. No pics though... only the back of his [cone]head.

other notables that featured on our travels were Alain and his missus who got an unannounced visit from us on Sunday 1pm...... and at last we got some decent food - melon, beautiful beetroot salad, sausages, potatoes fried with chantrelle mushrooms & creme fraiche, St Nectaire cheese [& Stilton] peach & cherry salad...... and his 45 is looking tasty too..

not to be left out, I met this 3 legged Griffon [cousin of the widow dog] at a bar. I went and asked the barman if the 3 legged Griffon was his...he said which one? I said the 3 LEGGED one... he said which one? there are two 3 legged Griffons in the village!! ps the dog did not bite.

as for what we did.... we went to Baxters museum and drooled over 3 or 400 incredible bikes.... the owner, Monsieur Baxter I presume, as always built his collection up a long time ago when Brough SS100 and Hendersons etc cost 200francs - he said he wanted a knucklehead but they were too expensive. I told him to fuck off.

once we had the 'Kulture' element of the weekend over we concentrated on the 'culture'

Enfin MERCI mes amis francais pour votre hospitalité et vie sympatique.... voila mon derniere photo de France a 5.30 du matin avec un tasse du Thé Anglais et un pet du pakistan! A la prochaine [Les Trois Gros?????]


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  2. Ahahaha love your comments! So true...

  3. Wonderful stuff old boy.Ive ordered the Tipple for 2 weeks time. Carry your bag for you sir?

  4. knuckle Brilliance.....cheers for getting me back to blighty bruv x i owe u long time xxx wf

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