Thursday, September 29, 2011


I said goodbye to my beautiful family and headed off to NYC to have an affair with an '81 FXE... she was sweet as and a keeper but true to my previous post about passing it forward I have done the necessary and passed it on to a friend in Sweden who was looking for this exact model and was born in '81 [bastard].

Now that gives me the need for a project.... I couldn't chop up that shovel, too unfucked with.
In the States I met Caleb and JD from Culver City. They have their own style going on - all up and not so much out, JDs is the one with the paint. In my opinion they were the best riding bikes in Brooklyn.
Caleb rode with us down south and I got to see him firing though the winding roads on his dry build bike - it tracked beautifully, no doubt Caleb can ride but still whatever geometry he has got in that thing let him push hard round the corners.
Anyone interested in selling me a 68 FLH project get in so I can get a bit of Culver City.

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