Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Copied off the net...I think you have to go down on the customs officer...

The following is from Bill Valentine's Gang Intelligence book:


Wings are patches of cloth or metal pins. Wings denote sexual deviations. Wings are 'earned' and More Important Members have to confirm that you accomplished this act and can wear said wings.

Golden: Participation in a gang bang involving more than 15 men.

White: Performing oral sex on a white woman.

Red: Performing oral sex on a menstruating woman.

Black: Performing oral sex on a black woman.

Yellow: Performing oral sex on an Asian woman.

Green: Performing oral sex on a woman infested with insects (crabs, scabies, etc.).

Purple: Performing oral sex on a dead woman.

Brown: Performing oral-anal on a woman.

Blue & Yellow: Having sex with a policewoman.

Eightball: Anal sex with a man in front of other Hells Angels.


Crosses are worn as an earring, patch, or pin.

White Crosses: Earned for digging up graves, taking things from the corpse(s), and wearing the items with their Hells Angels colors/patches/pins/crap.

Red Crosses: Performing fellation on another man in front of other Hells Angels.


  1. 8-ball coming off my cutoff tonight.

  2. Pink wings? Jimmy, you know what I'm talking about.

  3. Im going for the purple wings as soon as I hit Heathrow.
    Still no wings for Grenade smuggling for another club member though...

  4. i got my pink and black wings,
    fingering in the back of a cab.
    also got my hot wings.....
    Jacky, what you sayin?

  5. You know, dem pink strap-on wings.