Saturday, December 11, 2010

These things I believe.

I saw a funny video on the web the other day. A not Laurel and Hardy
funny video, but a bit of a smartarse dig at the current American
scene video.
It was funny but not in the good way.
Like when a friend gets his fingers shut in a door.
I think it probably offended who it was meant to offend.
I remember the first time I rode a bike I had that feeling of being
able to roll as far as I desired and liked seeing the road disappear
beneath me.
I get the same feeling off any bike, from a Honda step through to a
Anyone who believes this current style will last forever is fucking
deluded. In thirty years time Doo rags, wolf shirts and drop seat
frames could be the kitty cat. I'll be on a bagger with a dragon claw
kick stand.
We don't know and that's the joy.
We're all fakes and posers because we ape what the originators did 50
years ago.
All we can do is ride our bikes, revel in our brotherhood and pass on
any wisdom or stupidity we've learnt along the way.
Smart I like,
Smartarse I don't.

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  1. Jimmy you lead we will follow, smart. You rule xx

  2. I watched it and laughed,it's easy to mock other peoples lifestyles.I personally don't give a fuck who the guy is or what his opinion is,and i also don't give a fuck about scenes or styles, i wear what i like and ride what i can when i can, i like ALL bikes and always have done, i never bought into the snobbery of makes,Jimmys right, it's about the friends we make and the good times we have..who gives a fuck!! When yer old and pissing yer pants dems the memories you wanna have..inbetween groping the nurses.!! Ride to work...dum de dum.

  3. I would like to add...there has been vodka taken and i wanna that wrong?!?!