Sunday, March 18, 2012


RV Is in my top 5. I've still got a 90 somewhere.
In the old days when Harleys were still scarce. Harley riders would give each other the Bro-wave. Magazines used to get angry letters from riders of Jap-bikes pissed off they got blanked when they give the Bro-wave to a Harley rider.
I used to ride my RV like a cunt. Black helmet, South London style. And give the Bro-wave to Harleys. They'd see me coming on, full beard, shades, Black helmet, South London. And I'd fool them. They'd see me, the wide forks, the fat tyre. And they'd give me the Bro-wave.
And look confused as I rode past them.


  1. I wasnt waving i was pointing out the cunt who looked like Captain Haddock to my passenger.