Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back on the road

Nice to see you Conrad on your happy Panhead! Sounds good! Well-done!

Anyone had a engine rebuild on your bike please think this way,
"Running in" is a final part of engine rebuild"
If you want good finnish on your engine, be gentle, ride it and change oil as much as you can afford, and pay attention for it. You will be happy to go anywhere on it. more fun less worry


  1. Great stuff Conrad, that first ride must feel so good!
    Congratulations. Next is Guy!

  2. Yep... you beat me, Con. I will be on the road in the next week I hope. I hate running engines in, but that is great advice from Toshi.

  3. You can do it Guy ... Top gear/quarter throttle is still good ... don't you know ... running in is the new riding out! ...
    Toshi is our master ... end of.