Thursday, October 13, 2011


So in London. Capital of the world. When the rest of you chaps are bankrupt and eating your babies. London will still be regular. So in London, we can't get decent Mexican food. Oh we got curry for years. But if you fancy frijoles, carnitas, some Carne asada wey.
You Shit out of luck.
This lot cost $50, So the next time your tripas are too chewy or they spread too much chili on your chuletas.
Think of us.

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  1. Capital of what world? Narnia!!! LOL!!! You need to get some proper Mexicans over there to cook for you soon.

  2. Rench, your computer persona's a cunt

  3. Not bad for a meal that will feed three, greedy twat.

  4. Yeah. Three fucking smackheads.
    That's half a corn. Smothered in cheese and as to give you some scale.