Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Great Spam Fritter Misconception

I am disturbed by the nostalgia for Spam, Nelson on Pakajunk loves spam and now Matt Von Dice is getting hot about it. What is going on? when I saw Spam fritters being served up for lunch at school I used to start shaking with dread, it was the 70s and we had to eat the food [?] put on our plates. the teachers could still beat us then so had meant had. I go into some post traumatic shock when Spam comes into the conversation - I grew up and left school and left those little fuckers behind - I love motorcycles and spam has nothing in common with anything that is good about bikes, for me Spam represents a car u - turning on me, a cracked engine case or waking up in the morning and some fucker has stolen my bike.
I would even eat Lutefisk again before eating a Spam Fritter.

This is my scandanavian equivalent and his view on Lutefisk:

The Great Lutefisk Misconception

Every Advent we entered the purgatory of lutefisk, a repulsive gelatinous fishlike dish that tasted of soap and gave off an odor that would gag a goat. We did this in honor of Norwegian ancestors, much as if survivors of a famine might celebrate their deliverance by feasting on elm bark. I always felt the cold creeps as Advent approached, knowing that this dread delicacy would be put before me and I'd be told, "Just have a little." Eating a little was like vomiting a little, just as bad as a lot.


  1. Corned Beef...an excellent replacement!

  2. Spam. Bleurghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Re-labelled dogfood.


  3. Too right, spam is shite, it was shite then and its still shite now, corned beef is shite too, its all shite, school was shite, school dinners were shite (apart from pink custard), the past was shite, old bikes are shite, lutefisk looks like jizzy shite. Shite.