Saturday, July 23, 2011


Not that happy but better than staying in.
Whoever said sidecars aren't any fun is a dick. Thanks Stef, I am lovin' it.


  1. Guy, do you fancy it next weekend as you seem to be short of a bike ? I'll be on my IH, it's only just outside the M25 so should be ok. Let me know if you want.

  2. Thanks Stef... really appreciate the offer! Only thing is I'm coming down in the van with Pete with the easy-up and stuff for the GK stand, his drag bike etc so logistically might not work out...

  3. The offer stands, I think we're heading off Friday and it's only 30 mins down the road. Renshaw has the bike at the minute so you could collect it from his place or my lock up in Richmond. Park up and put your shit in the sidecar and drive down with us.