Sunday, July 31, 2011


If you are the muppet who helped himself to that GKM banner..if you were a bike rider you would a) have Guy visit your place one day because we are all family & b) know full well about his temper.

I would quietly send it back to him first thing Monday.

Oh, and please stick with cars.


  1. ok...gotta tell this story...1987 maybe im in canberra at the street machine nationals....during the burnout comp i jump the fence and nick one of the 800mmx500mm street machine promo signs.....later that night im walking along the main street of canberra...(northborne avenue) and this car does a 180.....flips around ....out of the car get three dudes and one smacks me in the mouth so hard im almost dead. fuck that poster almost sent me to hospital....couldnt talk right for about 3 days.

    next day the drags were on and i went with my beat up face.....but walking through the carpark what do i see???!!!......the same car.....

    moral of the story.

    1. nick someone elses stuff and get ready for a slap
    2. if your gonna slap me ill hunt you down and get ready for some new bodywork and paintjob.

    the end.

    love the blog....dont think ive put a comment before but always watch...
    hi from australia...

  2. Dont you just gaze in awe at the marvel of technology. Guy gets his shit nicked in Surrey, I'm eating pineapple in NYC and you are getting a slap in Oz...
    Nice bikes you build Matt & thanks for the comment.