Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ramen Jinya

My last meal would be Ramen.
In Long Beach they have good Ramen.
I had a belter at Hakata with Brandon, Jose and Stevie.
The black Ramen place was shut so we got some regular gear. It was
very good and healed my dicky guts.
In Studio City, on Ventura. Right by Victory Tattoo there is a place
like Ramen Jinya. Long beach, if you're ever in the Valley. Check it
Deep, rich broth. Excellent noodles and melt in your mouth pork.
And the smelly egg....
They do an extra rich Tonkotsu broth early doors. They only do 20
portions a day. And it makes you feel brand new.
From smelly bikers to uptight studio types everyones getting their
slurp on.

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