Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sincerely Ethel

Sent on the move.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Rikard Björn 
Date: 23 March 2011 21:55:34 GMT
To: "Jimmy the tramp" "Renshaw" 

Hi Guys
This e-mail conversation took place two days ago since I have an ad out for my sporty.
I have not changed anything, just translated it from swedish to english the best I can.
Her swedish is way worse than my english so thats why it looks a bit strange.
She havent asked one single question about the bike, not told me where she lives, no phone-number.
I think its funny as hell, do you get shit like this in england as well?
Hello! Would you take montly payment?
Sincerely Ethel

How do you think that would work?
Best regards

Hello! I pay 10.000kr at once and the rest I share the seven months?

And how would I know that you intend to pay everything?
Cant you go to the bank?

No.1 I'm not a cheater
No.2 I can not go to the bank because I have payment remarks.
If we agree we should write a written paper between us, IOU its called.1 side to me and two side to you.
One time I bought like that and it works well.
Only you can decide!
Sincerely Ethel

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  1. Thats fucking great hahaahhah ..ask ethel if her brother paulo still want s to sell his 38 frame.... when he's feeling better of course...who knows tho , stranger things happen