Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I saw on dice a post that made my cock move. Lovejoy, the do as you
likey antique chap, used to get an electric when he found something
sweet, the clouds parted, a choral noise... Hallelujah.
I got the same when I saw that knucklehead, that frame colour, the
extended old time forks, the oil tank holes. I don't even know what
that colour reminds me of but it's a good thing. It's different to me
loving my hatred of arsenal. It feels new. Like a new love.
I believe that children are the future,
Show dem love and let them lead the way.
Give them a sense...
Of pride!
The greatest love etc.
And if it's that electric on a poxy iPhone screen, imagine the vibes
in real life.
These guys are just the best, that shot of Matt on his shovel, too
fucking good.


  1. from your recent posts jimmy you are facing up to the majesty of knuckles - oh and Secrets - what made your cock move was the latvian dancing girls

  2. stay off that drug Jimmy, it's bad for your heart