Monday, November 11, 2013


The first time I met Liam he and Jim had come over to Linkert Attacks UK in 2011 on a pair of perfect Indians. Enormously tall and softly spoken with hair like Louis XIV he stood out and was immediately liked by all.
The next year we met up in France, this time he was on his BMW WWII desert outfit and I watched in awe as he laced up my brother Milo's rear hub which had stripped all it's rivets at our furthest point from home in no time. He did this without taking his helmet & gloves off and once finished he stood up and said we had just met the Real IRA.... That being Irish Roadside Assistance.
Again he came over for last years Linkert Attacks UK in Cornwall.
Yesterday he went down on his knucklehead on some wet leaves and is now riding God knows what up in heaven.
Truly gutted and I know a lot of others are too.
RIP Liam.
Pictured here with Don Giulio & I on tip toes and Jim & Liam trying to look small.


  1. Really sad sad news. Such a generous and funny man, Liam will be sorely missed by everyone he ever met. Gav :-(

  2. My condolences to family and friends.

  3. Funeral Wednesday morning

    God speed Liam


  4. Very sad. Always a friendly smile even though we never really met. Times like this life really isn't fair.

  5. Horrible news. He was a top bloke.

  6. You know when you meet someone and there's no need for presentation. You just get on with things you like and have a good time like you met before.
    Liam will be missed. Me, Jimmy, Charlie, Jim and Liam drinking up until the early morning in Sancerre, then riding back through the hills. Good souls last more than a life cycle. Rest in peace.