Wednesday, April 17, 2013


There is a left hand bend with a wide flat topped speed bump at the bottom of st Anne's road as you go into royal crescent. You can come out of the bend nice and fast and pop the front up before the end of the bump but you have to be a bit careful cos you are still at an angle.

Tonight I think that twist on the bike as it goes round on the back wheel (finally) opened up the plastic oil tank under the seat from the tire rubbing.

As I've recently started smoking again I stopped just up the road at a shop to get a pack of 10 and saw the mess under the bike when I came back out.

And I have a spare because the NCC love to chop S1s.


  1. That could've been so much worse . . . smoking is good for your health.

  2. I bought a spare oil tank from ebay thinking " i dont think ever I'll need a spare but it's only a tenner " .Glad I did now - and glad you didn't crash .

  3. Be Safe - Be Courteous!
    Young, inexperienced riders should always be accompanied by adult !

  4. easy on the upholstery glue stevie, its got you talking rubbish again