Thursday, November 22, 2012

If you want to see the back of someone....

lend them a tenner.

That truism goes with Walters 'no good deed.....'.

And on that £10 note I hand over to Walter of Kickstart Cycles & Gypsy Run fame [also of looking for a JMC swinger for his '86 FXR ....anyone out there got one in the UK or Europe let me know].

No good deed...

The other day I was going on about reaching out and helping someone, donating or volunteering time to a cause, because the act of helping someone out is it's own reward. Or something like that. You can read it HERE. That got me thinking about the saying "No good deed goes unpunished". A sardonic commentary on the frequency with which acts of kindness backfire on those who offer them. In other words, because life is inherently unfair, those who help others are doomed to suffer as a result of their being helpful. (from Wikipeida) You never hear "No good deed goes unrewarded!" do you? If doing something nice is a reward in it self, then this should ring true, but it doesn't. I think it has something to do with human nature and societal fatalism than anything else, but that is a dissusion best had over drinks. My point is, I think, I would hate for your good works to backfire. Espicialy since you are reading this and getting inspired to go out and kick some charitible ass! So here is the deal Send me a reciept from a American Red Crossdonation, a photo of you volunteering. A photo of your coat drive or any selfless act over the hollidays and I will put your name in the hat for the

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded Gift Pack!
A Vanson / Kickstart Leather Revolver Vest.
A Biltwell Gen 2 Helmet and Mako Tail Light!
A $150.00 Gift certifictate from S&S Cycle
A Hi Bond Modified Kick Pedal
Speed Bars and Pegs from The Speed Merchant!
A bunch of T-Shirts & Stickers
and... something else!
That is OVER $1000.00 worth of stuff!
Now I know you don't need an incentive to do something nice, that would defeat the entire pourpose, now wouldn't it. Think of this as a tangable reward for getting in the ring.
All you have to do is email your pictures, a short story and your contact info to info@kickstartcycle. Everything counts, if you have been volunteering in already or are just finding the time now. The Contest will be open till NEW YEARS EVE 2012 We will pick a name out of the hat on NEW YEARS DAY.
Please share this link and spread the word! ~ Walter

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