Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fwd: Canadian Chris 76 XT 500

This is an XT sitting pretty in the wilderness 3000+ miles away, there is a bear just to the left and another bigger one just to the right of this picture, there are also maple trees lower down the hill oozing juices onto pancake mushrooms that cover the forest floor

The other picture I have could have repercussions when Canadian Chris WWNWW becomes a superstar actor in a crime drama.


  1. Looks like a Preston-Petty front guard, keepin it period ain't a bad thing . . . XT/TT's are the coolest chook chaser ever.

  2. This is the object of my desire. The idea to quite city for countryside is clearly associated by the fact to be the proud owner of an XT Yam. One day, one day, one day !!!