Monday, August 27, 2012


Theres a man called ANDY P. We like to get loaded together. He builds my favourite homebuilt UK choppers and loves chickens.
He also rides round on his wifes ironhead annoying 4 wheelers and is organising the Trip Out ...which you know about.

He has now bought a van and needs to sell his evo chop - he has had it for ages and Ive seen him in all sorts of far flung places on it so you know he isnt selling it cos its a dog, just cos he has to.

It is currently wearing the clothes from Helter Skelter - his panhead that helped him scoop The Dook trophy at Linkert Attacks UK, if you like Root Beer as much as I do then this is up your street.

If you want a well put together reliable daily rain bike that looks far better than it should then race over to Norfolk and get it before someone else does..... or better still wire him the money and collect it at the Trip Out [I bet you can negotiate a freebee in the sale].

Pic borrowed from GKM - I mean how can you not give that lovely looking man £7K and take away his long time girl.

Call him on 07931 679160.

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