Monday, May 21, 2012


Left on Friday with my 2 Panhead out riders, Matt and Con. 

Stockers put on a great party, mostly thanks to Vanya with a little help from Leighton and Eddie.

On Saturday a bunch of us to support Milo in the Chopper racing and say happy Birthday to redface.... I am sure redface got shitfaced and Milo was getting better and better in the race heats.

Got back to the Party to hear that Milo had WON the final and Chelsea WON on penalties......

Knuckle ran like a dream - loves to stretch out on the big roads....lost my retaining bolt for the baffle [beautifully engraved with a bell by the master] and a seat spring so sat on my waterproofs on the way back - a cold ride, when I got back after 150mile roundtrip the oil tank wasnt even warm.

So with all this good stuff going on why do I feel fucked today?

Still no phone or camera so here's another picture Con gave me from Denmark...

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