Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hand to hand

The best event of the year!!
We had a great time! Linkert Attacks UK!
Next year in France it's gonna be awesome!
So get ready for it! Don't worry about Xmas,
Start your bike up now! Get work done! Tune it! And Ride it!
Don't leave it till last min, do some miles before set off to France,
Sort problems out, build up your confidence and reliability,
Then you have a fun without disappointment!

Thank you very much Mr.Yoshida cycle HEADZ mag and Mr.Aimono photographer for great photos


  1. & to all you who think you can stick your bike in the back of a 4 wheeler and slide it past Fred saying 'it's my tent'.... forgetaboutit. This year no fucking shitty cars, vans whatever you call them. If we wanted to sleep in a car park we'd go to an NCP.

    So do as the man says and fix your fucking bike.

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  2. I dunno man.
    I think they liook like morris dancers