Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Annoyingly Con has just emailed me to say that you wont get the ramp - just the panels ...which in one way is good because I cant skateboard for shit and nor can most of you [no matter what you say]. Its bad because many other people will be able to fit this magnificent artwork in their living room so you're going to have to pay more...and you cant abuse it so easy. Anyway Im not changing the words below so you figure it out. If I was a skater I would definitely make a pitch for the whole kit and kaboodle. But I'm not.

If you were lucky enough and went to Rollerburn last weekend then you will already be hankering for your very own skateboard ramp painted by Conrad Leach - if not you too can at least say you went and have this as proof.
Conrad is auctioning the ramp off to raise money for the EllenorLions Hospice in Kent in memory of his 17year old nephew who was so well looked after by them in his last few weeks suffering from cancer. This is one of the few hospices that welcomes young people and for all the fun we have on bikes this is a sobering reminder of how precious life is.
If you dont want a skateboard ramp in your living room then you can make a donation to them HERE.
If you do want the ramp then through your money at it because his paintings sell for good money and all they are good for is hanging on the wall, this one you can abuse.

Details on the ramp and how to bid below:

Lucky 13 Rollerburn Edition
96 x 96 Inches
Hand Painted
Acrylic on MDF Panel
Signed by Conrad Leach

Being offered for Auction (Dutch Style)
Highest bid sent to conrad@conradleach.com by 22nd December.
Delivery worldwide at cost.

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