Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jokers show Tidaholm

Excellent weekend.
Peters sporty was my favourite.
Milo, Peter needs to know all the details on your Buell metamorphosis.
Get at me Blood.
Spanky haircuts.
The other shot is of the Viking Brothers. Peter and Rikard. The whole
family ride.
The other lot is Jeremiah and Benjy and Adam Wright Wright Wright.
Now, we all went for a spliff and at the secret spot there were
already a couple more Vikings getting stoned. Then Jimmy Jokers shows
up and suddenly we're outnumbered.
They go up to Benjy, who's a swarthy fucker. And say " where you from?
You look like Jew."
"I'm from Florida." says Benjy.
"You are Jew!"
The Vikings surge forward and surround Benjy. All these massive Aryans
and Jimmy.
And I'm laughing. Then Jeremiah goes "Jimmy looks like Jew."

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