Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In February I had a shunt on the M4 in my car - all my fault, no problems with that. I am insured and will take the hit on next years premium.
The poor woman whose rear I went into [not like that] was a bit shaken up but fine and after 10 mins got into her car and drove off to work.
This morning I opened a letter from her solicitor....
She has sustained back injury, shoulder injury and knee injury and has had, so far, 20 days off work....but never went to hospital or her doctor or has needed any medical attention.

It is dishonest little cunts like that that really fuck me off.

If you are the human resources manager at Hewlett Packard in Reading sack the bitch as she has just stolen 20 days pay off you.

This is Tuesday morning after a big weekend....the day after the day after.
Now for my VAT return,



  1. That's fucked.

    No one takes responsibility for themselves any more. Deception is the new honesty.

  2. She needs a proper rearending, send Jimmy round.
    VAT is so gay. FML.

  3. fucked up - my brother is a physio - he says he has NEVER had to treat anyone from whiplash when the accident was their fault.

    just fuckers wanting something for nothing and making my insurance premiums go up

  4. Whiplash is the most easy thing to say. No particular test tells you if you had it or not, and especially... you could come out 3 days late saying you have pain on your neck. Insurances are criminals, it's them that show people how to do dirty tricks. Hope the best for you Jimmy.

  5. Whiplash is about £130 an hour, probably more in London though. Ask Jimmy.

  6. All the money we pay for insurance goes in your back pocket.
    So fuck you, you hypocrite.