Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you spent time in London in the 80's you will remember Jeffs panhead burning around town, if you live in London or in fact anywhere in the UK today and want parts for your HD you will know Jeff also. He is also one of the original 8 Widows [got tat to prove it but thats another story].
Jeff invited me out to his place yesterday for some country pursuits.
Less welcome in London and Surrey is the Parakeet [dont be fooled by their pretty colour, they dont belong here and are nailing our song birds]. Fable goes that they were released after the filming of the African Queen in Sheppeton Studios. The little fuckers like it here and I get a flock of them squarking over my house every day. I have been contemplating how I can eradicate them without finding myself in trouble with the Man.
Yesterday the Widow turned and they were flying around underneath a number of armed Englishmen.
I got very excited about this and being a Lion King sort of guy [circle of life] I believe in eating things that get killed.
So I plucked and gutted a couple of them, put a bit of butter and S&P up the bum and wrapped them in smoked streak bacon then stuck them in a hot oven for 15mins.
Not good.
So I had fish and chips.


  1. Tiffanys fork - nothing but the finest yankee silver - probably knucklehead era

    Found it at Kempton swap meet along with a load of Borrani WMO 21/40

  2. love the way you schpraunced it up.
    ooh get her.
    they are called monks parakeets and thats why they taste like shit.

  3. Jeff has great stuff. Glad he's around to feed us with old dreams.
    I didn't know about the Parakeet in Surrey! But one thing I know for sure, never trust the meat of funky colored animals and fish... animals knows this too!