Thursday, September 30, 2010


Someone at work just told me there was a message on the phone that must be for me......
fuck me you can ramble on - you'll never find a job like that steviemonster! Mind you 10 points for finding my work number - please dont use it again.
Enjoy London traffic - there is no point fighting it, make sure that you are going faster than everyone else so they cant get you from behind, trust no one, watch for cars doing u turns, mummies in cars texting their girlfriends and any minicab. Pedestrians are plain stupid, slow down if you are passing a bus cos they love to jay walk in front of them. If you do come across a pedestrian and are going to hit them aim directly at them - thats your only chance of not getting knocked into the oncoming lane [my dad taught me that]. Put velcro on your plate and your tax disc in a drawer to save on parking.
I will be at Abingdon this sunday and have put my email on my profile.
Thats my rambling done.

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