Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The day we left Linkert Attacks was really hot,
we were heading to south France,
I just gave too much full throttle on my 45 in the boiling hot afternoon, stupid,,,
then bad noise from engine,,,slow down,,,noise is stopped,,,
next day bad noise again, and kicker shaft snapped,,,fuck,,,
but we had to carry on so I carried on riding,
I was feeling engine losing power but it wasn't broken yet, it's not finished yet.
so I trusted it to make journey to Santander, Spain.
another few days, about 600miles with killer hill, It made it!!
we finally got to the ferry port at Santander!!!
I knew something serious inside, and this is a result, it's all my fault.
I'm going to rebuild it again to destroy, 45 forever!!


  1. Hope you're back on the road soon... your bike RULES.

  2. Man...if ever there was an advert to buy a 45...this is it...can't believe she kept running...class..!!