Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Hole in the Wall is run by Spade George. There are some people out there who are 100% genuine and he was one of those. I saw his bike draw up at California Choppers and said to him that I know that tank on his bike and we got talking. The next morning I rode by his shop and woke him up - when he saw it was us 'travellers' he opened the door and he and his girlfriend made us welcome - she and my son smoked fags and looked at their pet animals while George showed me his workshop and told me a bunch of stuff - so if you are in Redwood City go and visit him...support your small chop shops - they are all 'local', - oh, and before you get any ideas, that frisco tank with the swastika on - its mine when he moves on so dont ask him for it!.

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  1. sheeeeyit ..does anyone even maintain or read these gems ..hey george miss ya ..havent seen ya in 27 years ..was lookin 4 ya but i think you are retired now by now ...maybe ..from silver av to redwood city to no trace ..wanted to catch up ..doug ..