Friday, March 12, 2010


As a rule I dont really follow the FTF line of thought.... except for this week. Why put a little electronic switch in behind the front pulley ... I tell you why, so that little old me gets stuck 2 miles from home on a bike that has nothing wrong with it apart from a fucking light switch, so that little old me gets confounded at every turn on replacing it so in the end I go to the local dealership and give them ££££. Not this time- despite their best efforts my efforts were good enough to FTF. And why cant I start my bike just because the little green idiot light doesnt come on when its in neutral - is it because I might sue someone if I start it in gear and it lunges forward and I hurt my shin. Fuck them. I am back on the road thanks to me, thanks to Andy at The American Car Centre and a miserable Morales.

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