Monday, September 6, 2010


My brother collected some nice scabs on Saturday - he cant remember how because he knocked himself out but my father and I went looking for evidence of the crash. My father found it and is now devoting all his waking moments to analysing the scene of the crash [obsessive complusive behaviour - he's got orange spray paint making all the torn up ground]... this was off road on a hard packed track that Milo has been riding on for ever. From the marks on the ground he and the bike bounced for at least 20 metres - in the photo of the field I reckon it all started to go pear shaped where I was standing, started hitting the deck where the dog is and finished up past my father. He was wearing an open face.
Its screwed up his plans to go to Isle of Wight festival but at least he's ok.
Get well soon Milo.


  1. Holy fuck....get well soon kiddo...!!
    I once got a nasty rash at a festival..!

  2. is it just me or does the 4th photo down...the one with the blood and bandaid...look like the last photo is the side panel...the one with the blood and the wall