Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fat Freddy, you bum ... lets just get one thing straight... this blog is about girls silhouettes artistically posed in bunny outfits...not about sweaty blokes in polyester bunny outfits [I mean, just look at the expression on that poor girls face]. I nearly had a turn when I saw his email attachments - it is disgusting and degrading to bunnies. If you agree and want to see more of what is in this low lifes mind then visit his blog - loads of tedious photos of old bikers and girls and shit like that. I bet he's a fucking pothead.

Hey Mr 23 Bricks...

I thought you might like a Bunny and 2 ducks... !!!!

cheers Fat Freddy

1 comment:

  1. Your right man... i'm such a Bum... i cant help myself, i'm truley disgusted at the shit i post on my blog, even i refuse to look at it.....

    thank god for your blog, your sensitive artistic view of the world helps to keep my sanity in check.. now if i could only stop smoking this shit