Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheese & ham chop

Pete Stansfield sold me this excellent breville sandwich toaster ( behind the coffin tank). In my haste to open the box I cut my finger.. Kitchen roll and a child hair band sorted that problem. Now just have to find the right bike to mount the breville.
Thanks Pete, butter on inside & outside of bread or just one face?


  1. butter on the outside only !!!!

    nice toaster..

  2. No butter for me, only allowed low fat spread. Toaster looks great im sorry i sold it now..

  3. i had one just like that, best sandwich toaster i ever had, hundreds of trouble free toasted sandwiches that gave me... i miss that breville
    if you ever wanna sell it, give me 1st refusal ?

    oh and cut the crusts off too they seal better.....